Our Story

Hi there!

Thanks for checking out this part of our website – I am so excited you want to hear more about who we are.

What can I tell you about us? In all honesty, there is so much that can be said to capture our rich history of 45+ years.   Over the last four decades, Classyke has grown from one man’s dream to the dream of many. But the one thing that has remained the same – our company’s purpose, our guiding light (pun intended!).

We are driven by a cause greater than ourselves. We believe that light is so essential – so fundamental – because it impacts every moment of our lives. Our dream is to touch the lives of many by providing the most beautiful light possible.

Why? Because we believe that beautiful light is beautiful living. Life’s moments are best captured under beautiful light – whether it’s the light that creates an ambiance at dinner, brightens up our work space, or creates a warming patio glow.

We are also people who are in a never-ending journey of learning. We believe that everyone has a light that radiates from the spark within – the kind of light that will turn life on.

If you are interested in learning more about us or our purpose, please feel free to contact me directly at info@classyke.com