Warranty Information

Classyke takes pride in offering the best LED lighting available. We select products exclusively from manufacturers that offer a warranty on their products. The warranty details are listed on the product information pages for each item.  Warranty details are also printed directly on the retail packaging by most manufacturers.

NOTE: a manufacturers’ statement of 'Average Rated Life Hours' does not imply a warranty for either the manufacturer or for Classyke.

What If I Have A Defective Product?

Classyke will replace all defective products for a period of 60 days directly. Classyke will also cover the return shipping for such defects. After this time period, we will direct you to the manufacturer for all warranty claims.

What If My Product Was Damaged In Transit?

On occasion a product will get damaged in transit, much to our regret. Should you be an unlucky recipient of a damaged product, please complete our warranty form as soon as possible and an Classyke team member will get to work immediately on getting a replacement to you.